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1849 Restaurant (CLOSED)

183 Bleecker St ( between Sullivan St & MacDougal St )
New York, NY 10012

Phone: (212) 505-3200

Price Range: $$
Type: Bar, Restaurant

DayThe SpecialTime
Mondays1/2 price beer and well drinks; $0.20 wings (3pm-6pm)03:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Tuesdays1/2 price beer and well drinks; $0.20 wings (3pm-6pm)03:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Wednesdays1/2 price beer and well drinks; $0.20 wings (3pm-6pm)03:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Thursdays1/2 price beer and well drinks; $0.20 wings (3pm-6pm)12:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Fridays1/2 price beer and well drinks; $0.20 wings (3pm-6pm)12:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Today1/2 price beer and well drinks; $0.20 wings (3pm-6pm)12:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Sundays1/2 price beer and well drinks; $0.20 wings (3pm-6pm)12:00 PM - 08:00 PM

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Submitted by Anonymous on 2011-09-15 about a Friday happy hour

I would never go there again. The only reason why I was there was for the cheap wings and beer. I'm a very easygoing person, and I'm also patient, but the services there are BEYOND BAD. The food is okay, but the waitresses are downright rude with ATTITUDE. They will curse you out and talk to you in a demeaning way if you happen to question them on the bill. One particular waitress, named C, took a chair I was sitting on, then takes another one when I replaced it, GIVES ME A PIECE OF her MIND for pulling chairs away from other tables. Forces me to sit on a bench instead, then finds another reason to confront me, for slanting the table on purpose? And then CURSES ME OUT and pretty much told me “you F---kin piss me off, now LEAVE, you’re not welcome here.” The manager is the bouncer and apologizes for her action and behavior. They did not kick us out because we didn’t do anything wrong. We stayed, but pretty much, C refuses to apologize. But there was nothing we can do about it. The owner is nowhere in sight and would not talk or see customers even after we show up again at a future date. There is also a 20% gratuity added to the bill. It is a rip-off. And it ruined my night. With such REPULSIVE behavior, and such DISRESPECT, I would NOT come back again.

Rude and not really Cheap
Submitted by John E on 2011-09-15

Easily among the worst places I've been to in Manhattan. The Music is pathetic. Acoustics are horrible. Service is the worst I've ever seen - very inefficient and absolutely rude. Everything is the 20 cent quality. Food included. Even the beer tasted bad! The guys at the door are extremely rude and uncouth and are incapable of communicating anything in a civilized manner. We waited for a while outside debating whether to go in. We saw and heard the door guy use the F-bomb on a couple. That is serious in my book. C'mon you are the door-guy just check my Id and let me through. Drinks are priced like in every other place but how about the mandatory 20% gratuity tacked on? Given everything we must have been given a 20% discount. Do yourself a favor. DO NOT waste your time and money on this dump. It's so not worth it. (1 star given just because I cannot choose zero).

SAd tourist trap
Submitted by eva z on 2011-09-15

Only a one star, since I can't give it a 0. If you want to get the nasty female bartender in the back to tell you "Go F--- Yourself" when you ask for a glass of water (since they prefer to charge you for a bottle of it instead), than this is your place! WOOP! We've been served wings, refried, which looked like they've been collected from someone elses left over plate, since there were clear BITES in them! (Doesn't surprise me to read Homer S. review saying the wings made him ill, and another gentleman here complaining about the burrito that made him sick) GROSS!!! If you complain get ready for a lot of insults from ALL the staff and rude bouncers waiting well... to bounce. Sad tourist trap. NEVER going back, and making sure to spread the word. Just disgusting. Hope they get a health department citation. Other food is just plain oil soiled like their nachos, barely touched them they were just inedible. I'm a nice person. I love food, but this place is just unacceptable in the food industry as is their service. Be careful they automatically ASSUME you will tip them 20%, for their insults. We've asked them to remove this 'gratuity' after we were cursed at for asking for water, and then insulted further while trying to explain how rude and inappropriate this was and that we were not leaving the tip. It's GRATUITY something an establishment EARNS, not bullies you into paying.

unfine dining experience
Submitted by dan on 2011-09-15

If people go here for anything, its the wings. At 20 cents a piece during their wings special, its hard to beat. Its paradise for broke and college students without dignity. If you come here, you're probably going to end up giving a bit of yourself to them which is why they're getting one star. This would be a great time to entitle my review "THE PLACE OF UNWRITTEN POICIES." If you're there for the wings special, be ready to find your own spot. There's no hostess and people just stand in the middle of the dinning area, hovering over seated diners. We did eventually find a small table, but the waiter basically kicked us off because we couldn't hold it until the next table got out and we could take that table too (there were 6 of us). He said he would find us a table but that never happened and we ended up getting our own table 15 minutes later. While we waited, I stood around with the hood of my hoody on and I was told I had to take my hood off. Everyone else had hats on. Besides, where does it say you can't have your hood on. The bouncer came and told me its policy and that if I don't take it off I gotta go. Didn't say why I couldn't wear it even though I asked. Didn't explain why others could wear hats even though I mentioned it. He just said I had to take it off. We found our seats, all six of us crammed into 2 tables. 4 on the bench and 2 on chairs. We looked at the menu even though we knew what we were coming for and at the bottom of the menu in fine print they mandate a 20% GRATUITY for giving us a plate of wings & beer. Not fine dining at all. Then the waitress came to take our order. Wings aren't all that spicy by the way. They're also comparatively small. She also took our drink order, which was when we were let known of the 1 DRINK MINIMUM POLICY. Not listed on the menu or written on the walls. We were also let know of a max of 50 wings at a time even though there were six of us. There were 2 waiters/waitresses serving a floor and a loft. Then I left and now I'm never going back. Unpublished policies, uncourteous and unhelpful staff, ridiculous tip schedule, etc. To come down from being treated as a patron to being treated as something less, well...what's the point. If the staff and management didn't make the place such a bad experience, they would have been recommended but that's not so.

Best Wings Deal in City
Submitted by G Money on 2011-02-23

I would def recommend this place to anyone looking for a cheap and tasty wings deal. The drink specials are solid too. Another reason I posted a 5 rating is becase 1849 is located in an area full of bars. So if you get bored you can easily move to the next location.

Like a Lodge
Submitted by Janie on 2011-02-21

When you come in you encounter a bunch of couches then proceed to the back to the bar where it gets a little tight to order a drink sometimes. There's an upstairs but I've never been up there. It feels like you're in a Lodge in the woods of the MidWest somewhere.

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